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Bi-weekly social events for tech entrepreneurs


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A life-long society for entrepreneurs: in every big city in the world you go, there will be a Founden hub for you to meet other likeminded friends, explore the city, and start new projects and more!

What is Founden?

200+ young exceptional individuals from the best UK universities + tech companies + hottest startups 🤯💥

Join us and meet your future co-founders or next teammates!

Bi-weekly social events in London 🔥🔥

Brunches, runs in parks, drinks, boardgames: you call it!

A yearly members-only summer/winter retreat! 🍔🧉☀️

Retreat in a chalet in the snowy Alpes, or in a summer house near the beach!

Members-only Discord+WhatsApp community! 🍔🧉☀️

Ask, discuss, or share anything entrepreneurship related, 24/7!

Sporadic attendance of some high-profile guests 🌍

Grab some nuggets of insight you won't find in any books!

Who are Founden members?

- Burning passion for tech entrepreneurship
- Hard-working hustlers
- Potential future game changers
- High likelihood of them still talking about tech and entrepreneurship in 50 years
- Sociable and fun individuals

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